Mini Implant & Osteomyelitis Injuries

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As technology and procedures advance in the dentistry field, so do the solutions dentists are able to provide their patients with an array of different health issues. With some of these advances, however, come new risks to the patient's health that are not always properly avoided by dental professionals. Two such risks on the rise are injuries resulting from mini dental implants and osteomyelitis infections.

If you have suffered either of these kinds of injuries following treatment from your dentist, then it may be time to seek counsel from an experienced Maryland dental negligence attorney. At The Law Office of Paul R. Wiesenfeld, Attorney Wiesenfeld has been representing victims of dental negligence for more than four decades. Our firm knows that it takes to hold these practitioners responsible for their actions and secure the relief our clients deserve.

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Mini Dental Implant Injuries

One of the most recent developments in dental reconstruction is the use of mini dental implants. These titanium implants are used at the site of missing teeth and act as an anchor for dentures. They have been used for patients of all ages who experience missing teeth due to trauma, decay, and other health issues.

These implants, however, have been known to break, causing injury and infections for the patient. Sometimes, this is due to wear and tear on the implant itself, but often it is due to incorrect methods by a general DDS. When that occurs, the injured patient may have grounds to seek compensation.

Osteomyelitis Infections

Osteomyelitis is an infection that occurs within the bone of a patient. There are several ways someone may be exposed to this kind of infection—one of them being improper dental work. In these cases, a patient's jaw usually becomes the site of the infection.

Symptoms of osteomyelitis can include:

  • Chronic pain at the site of the infection
  • Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
  • Trismus (difficulty opening mouth)
  • Malaise and loss of appetite
  • Swelling
  • Fever

Osteomyelitis is a serious but treatable condition. When it caused by dental work (or the environment or hygienic practices of a general DDS), then victims deserve proper restitution.

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