Dental Implant Failure

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Dental implants are very specific dental procedures that require the skills and expertise. When general dentists attempt to create and install dental implants, dental malpractice can result, causing injury to unsuspecting patients.

Helping Maximize Your Compensation

After an implant injury or implant failure, many patients are forced to undergo multiple corrective procedures. Each procedure costs money and requires patients to take time off from work. You should not be stuck paying to fix your dentist's mistakes.

Mr. Wiesenfeld can work closely with you to develop a legal strategy to help get you compensation for the following:

  • The cost of corrective surgeries
  • Lost wages
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress

Common Dental Implant Issues

Developing a dental implant is a complex process involving extensive medical skill. A mistake at any stage of the procedure, from pre-planning to implantation, can seriously injure patients.

Using the wrong type of implant can cause instability in the jaw, leading to tooth and jaw pain, trouble chewing, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, tinnitus, and headaches. A misplaced dental implant or placing the implant at the wrong angle can also cause injury. Implant surgery errors and other mistakes made during the process can cause nerve damage to the maxillary sinus and to the inferior alveolar nerve. Mini dental implants, for example, can also be a source of injury and infections when not properly installed by a general DDS.

Implants that are too large may trap bacteria, or bites may not align causing TMJ disorders, grinding, and tinnitus. When crowns are set too high, it may be impossible to floss, and unsealed margins can allow bacteria to access the tooth, nerves and gums, resulting in eventual decay, infection and abscesses.

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