Abandonment & Termination of Dentist-Patient Relationships

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As a patient, you go to your dentist for a specific reason: to receive top oral healthcare services for the treatment and prevention of dental diseases. You have the right to expect that you will have access to your services unless your dentist-patient relationship is terminated with the consent of both parties, or an acceptable substitute is provided.

Though patients will have the freedom to choose and to terminate their relationship with a dental provider, dentists will only be able to terminate the relationship with a patient so long as it is done properly, with adequate warning, and without posing harm to the patient. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In these situations, dentists can be held responsible for “abandonment,” which is defined as the termination of a dentist-patient relationship with insufficient notice to the patient even when ongoing medical care is needed.

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Was Your Dentist-Patient Relationship Terminated Without Notice?

The following must be proven in order to bring legal cause of action for abandonment:

  • Treatment was unreasonably discontinued
  • Care was terminated contrary to the patient’s will or knowledge
  • An appropriate substitute was not arranged by the dentist
  • The dentist failed to foresee that harm would be caused to the patient due to the termination of care (proximate cause)
  • Actual harm or loss was suffered due to the termination of care

Other forms of abandonment can include:

  • Premature discharge
  • Failure to provide proper instructions of care and treatment before discharge
  • Refusal to respond to calls or questions made by patients
  • Refusal to further attend to or care for the patient
  • Leaving a patient after surgery without proper care or instruction
  • Failure to follow up on post-surgical care
  • Failure to provide proper referral / substitute to patient

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