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Maryland Dental Negligence Lawyer

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You go to your dental provider for a specific reason: to help treat a dental issue and to help promote overall oral health. Though procedures may be unpleasant at times, you trust your dentist to provide the best possible treatment and care to help prevent any unnecessary pain. Unfortunately, what may seem like a routine dental procedure on the surface could actually be far beyond the scope of practice, experience, skill, and training of your dentist. It is in situations like these where patients can suffer serious injury, including nerve damage, severe pain, speech impairment, facial disfigurement, and more.

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If you were injured by a dentist, technician, or other dental provider, you must speak immediately with a skilled Maryland dental negligence attorney from The Law Office of Paul R. Wiesenfeld. You may think you are alone in your injury, but this sort of negligence happens more frequently than you may expect. Our firm is ready to demand your full amount of financial compensation and demand justice for your emotional stress, financial expenses, and other damages suffered due to poor medical treatment.

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Our firm uses every tool available to maximize our clients’ compensation and resolve their legal issues in the most efficient manner possible. Whether through settlement negotiation or litigation, we are prepared to fight for your best interests and will stand by your side every step of the way. If you think you may have a case involving dental malpractice, it will be crucial to your case to consult an attorney with experience. Do not wait another moment to call a dental malpractice lawyer at The Law Office of Paul R. Wiesenfeld. We offer complimentary initial consultations and can determine your rights and options as you move forward with your case.

We proudly serve dental negligence victims and their families throughout the state of Maryland.

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The Law Office of Paul R. Wiesenfeld is unique in that very few law firms have the appropriate knowledge and experience needed to handle dental malpractice claims. Our firm focuses on this complex area of law and handles each case with care, skill, and attention.

“I concentrate my practice in the area of dental malpractice.”

Don’t trust your case to the hands of an inexperienced firm or attorney. Rather; put decades of dental malpractice and dental negligence experience on your side of the courtroom. Choose to work with The Law Office of Paul R. Wiesenfeld today!

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"Patients are generally injured when a dentist they trust is negligent or performs a procedure that is beyond their training and experience."